Changing Climate

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Past Climate Change

This graph shows how the Earth's temperature has cooled and warmed over the past 2000 years. It demonstrates long-term temperature changes due to natural causes.

Graph to show 2000 year temperature comparison

"2000 Year Temperature Comparison" by Robert A. Rohde is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Past Climate Change - The Little Ice Age

Present and Future Climate Change

Most people agree that humans are causing climate change through the production of various greenhouse gases.

As a country develops, more greenhouse gases are produced and released into the atmosphere.

More Carbon Dioxide is produced because...

The UK Climate

Environmental Impacts Economic Impacts
Sea level rise will lead to the loss of coastal land and increased erosion. Damage to cities such as London from flooding would be extremely disruptive and expensive
More severe storms and longer summer droughts. Warmer weather may mean farmers can grow different crops and enjoy longer growing seasons
Changes to fishing industries if fish species move to different waters. Hotter summers could mean people spend more holidays here and not go overseas
Ecosystem change could mean some plant and animal species move into new areas and new (invasive) species emerge. Cost of protecting places from flooding will be expensive and in some cases not practical.
Warmer temperatures could encourage diseases such as malaria.

Predicting the effects of Climate Change

In 2008, global CO2 levels reached 380ppm (parts per million)

If CO2 concentrations go over 550ppm, predictions are... If CO2 concentrations stay under 550ppm, predictions are...
global temperature rises will be 6oC or more global temperature rises will not go above 2oC
millions of people would lose their home due to sea-level rises sea level might rise up to 1m, causing coastal flooding
changes to world weather patterns would cause extreme weather such as droughts and storms leading to famines and disasters more storms and hurricanes
animal and plant species would not be able to adapt fast enough to the changes some species may become extinct, others would shift to new zones

Climate Change in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a low-lying country that is already suffering problems from coastal and river flooding, which is not helped by its very large and very poor population, making it extremely vulnerable to climate change. Climate change will affect Bangladesh both environmentally and economically.

Environmental Impacts Economic Impacts
Already severe river flooding would become worse from heavier rainfall and sea level rise A small rise in sea levels could massively impact upon Bangladesh's farmland and agricultural output
Tropical storms could become more of a common occurrence, and possibly do more destruction if it were to move further inland More river flooding could cause damage to people's homes and more disruption to lives and the economy
The dry season is already getting longer and this could cause more droughts. Shrimp farming is very important but rising sea temperatures may damage this form of aquacultur
Increased flooding will increase the spread of water-borne diseases.